Playful Fox Games Inc.

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Founded: October 22, 2018


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Android - Dec 20, 2021

iOS - Mar 10, 2022

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Android -  $2 CAD

iOS -          $2 USD

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Animal Bar: Stockroom Scramble is a retro throwback title set expanding on some of our ideas for areas we won't be exploring in our upcoming game Animal Bar. The game is a brand new LCD handheld, modeled after similar consoles from the 1980's and 90's. We tried to keep an authentic experience including the unboxing, included manual, and a 3D modeled console. There are 2 games with 3 different game modes for a total of 6 different ways to play, with the main goal of the game being to sort boxes in your beverage bar's stockroom as you race the clock or race to get back to serving your customers.


Stockroom Scramble began as a 2 day prototype in the summer of 2021. Initially it was meant as practice and brainstorming for some of the features in Animal Bar but the idea stuck and we decided to flesh it out into it's own game. The idea of making it based on a retro console came from Ryan's passion for game history which was recently on his mind having recently completed development of a course for LaSalle College on the topic, and since the gameplay was simple enough for that style of console it gave us a unique twist to put on the game.


  • 6-in-1! Game A & Game B with 3 game modes: Classic, Arcade and Hardcore

  • Contrast dimmer to tune the display to your liking

  • 10 page user manual with images

  • Clock mode, check the time

  • The simple sounds of a piezo speaker




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About Playful Fox Games Inc.

Playful Fox Games is an independent game studio based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our focus is building strong narrative experiences that create emotional connection. We believe that strong systems and ideas can help facilitate connection and emotional experiences.

Playful Fox Games was founded as a sole proprietorship and incorporated as production began on our game currently in development, Animal Bar. Playful Fox Games also has been consulting and supporting other local indie developers.


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Playful Fox Games Inc.

Ryan Dunnison

Anna Bradley

Shari McConochie


Doomwood Digital Media Inc.

Michael Widmer


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