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Animal Bar

Animal Bar is a game of customer satisfaction. Quench the thirst of a menagerie of characters! Discover and participate in evolving character stories. Form new friendships as you build and run a beverage bar. Start with a coffee, tea or soda bar, upgrade and expand as your business grows.


Character Focused

  • Each customer has their own preferences of what they like both in taste and in style

  • Customers also have their own unique backgrounds and personal struggles

  • Talk to your customers and you might learn their stories and be able to give them advice that could change their lives

  • The happier you make your customers the more they'll show up in your bar

Add a Personal Touch

  • Make your bar your own

  • Start with a Soda, Tea or Coffee bar and branch out to what interests you

  • Expand and customize your bar to style it your way

  • More than 50 styles of drink can be made with different roasts, tea types, and flavors to combine to over 500 total drinks that can be made


Always Changing

  • Show up throughout the day and week to see different customers

  • Based on the time of day, the weather and other factors, customers moods will change and their attitudes towards you and your bar will change over time


More Coming Soon

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