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Animal Bar Characters


Simon grew up the third of 4 children. Largely ignored by the rest of his family, he struggles with self worth issues and is constantly seeking approval. In high school his grades were on the higher end but not stand-out, and he hasn’t figured out what major to take, only that accounting seems to be something his parents might approve of. 



Star, this pop star's stage name, is a phenomenon. She is super into the retro look and sounds of the 80s and 90s. Built for the spotlight, she performed on stage from a young age in her Elementary and High School plays and talent shows. During her senior year in high school a talent agent picked her up and she’s been a star ever since.


Once roadie’d for great metal bands throughout the country, Stephen settled down and started a music shop to spread the tunes to the younger crowds of new listeners. Some say that he used to be a drummer for a well known band, but he didn’t like the mainstream sound the band was going toward, so he departed. Intimidating, but warm and funny when you get to know him.




Zoe is a yoga instructor. She’s been on top of all the exercise trends for women including Zumba, step class and she even had a series of vhs workout tapes in the early 90s. Zoe can only ever be seen in active wear, giving the appearance that she’s always just coming or just going to another fitness class. She runs her own yoga studio which includes a side shop selling the usual home remedies like salt lamps, aroma candles, and diffusers.

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