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NEW! Animal Bar: Stockroom Scramble

Animal Bar: Stockroom Scramble is a brand new game meant to evoke the feeling of playing an 80's LCD handheld electronic game. 

Your barista from Animal Bar is busy organizing their stockroom in this fast-paced arcade-like game!


Animal Bar

Animal Bar is about understanding and learning about your customers and their personal stories as you try to build and run a successful Coffee/Tea/Soda bar. Create an identity for yourself and your bar, specialize or generalize as you choose whether to cater to your customers or create the experience and aesthetic that you want.


Each customer has their history, their own story, and will deal with some type of dilemma. As you build up a friendship, you can help guide the customers through their stories, and help them make key decisions in their lives.

Based on your decisions of décor, the times of day that you show up to run your bar, your interactions with your customers and more, you can guide the experience that you, the player, will have with the game.

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